I've forgotten my password!

If you have forgotten your password, please click on the Forgotten Password link on our login page at http://www.viewmessages.com. If you require the Admin password only (recommended if you wish to topup/make changes to the account), please ensure you click on Admin Only.. N.B. If you have more than one account with the same details (for example, you used the same mobile number for your Admin account and your Joe.Bloggs user account) then both accounts will be issued a new password unless you click on Admin Only.

I've forgotten my Admin password!

Follow exactly the same steps as above, and remember that more than one account may have a new password issued.

How do I top up my account?

Please login as the Admin user and then click on Add More Credit on the Admin Checklist. You can also setup your Direct Debit from here if required.

What is my Answer.co.uk divert number? Can I use this number for my business?

Please login as the Admin user and the number will be available on the Admin Checklist. You can use our number for your business but it is non-transferable should you wish to leave.

How do I divert my phone?

Divert instructions will depend on your phone provider so we recommend contacting them. BT Divert instructions can be found via the Documents folder.

Only some calls are being sent via email/sms

Chances are, you've deactivated the report. Login as Admin, go into Tools->Message Reports and make sure the 'Message (No user specified)' reports are selected (in whichever formats you want). When a caller doesn't ask for someone in particular we send the details of the call to the Admin user.
Still got questions?

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