Live Statistics

At JAM we do things well. It's easy for us to say that. We know we are good. However, we understand that you might not want to take our word for it, so we're happy to let you keep tabs on how we're doing.

We use the information below to help us make sure we're not just taking your calls but that we're taking them to the highest possible standard. Now you can too.

Stats for the last 24 hours

22/11/2019 02:58:22 to 23/11/2019 02:58:22

Average Ring Time

1.15 rings

This is the average time it takes us to answer a call. The results are skewed a bit as we try to make sure the calls ring at least once, otherwise callers tend to get confused! We aim for under two rings.

Answered Calls Rate


It's almost impossible to get a 100% answer rate. Some callers may change their mind and hang up after just a single ring. Above 90% is considered good for the industry. We aim for much higher.

Average Call Quality

9.91 / 10

We score our calls against our own highly stringent quality criteria. Our full time quality control manager rates the calls on the criteria here. 10 is a perfect call, 9 is excellent, 8 is good, 7 or less gives cause for concern. We aim for 10.

If you want to see for yourself how we operate to not only achieve these statistics, but also have one of the highest rates of employee retention in the industry, please contact us to arrange a visit.